We’ve been taking fantastic Pugliese wines around the world since 2016

V ineka is a winery that produces and sells Apulian wines in Italy and overseas. Inspired by our deep, heartfelt passion for wine, Vineka pays homage to Puglia and the region’s traditions by reviving and promoting autochthonous grape varieties, and producing wines that naturally convey their quality and authenticity. Set in the heart of the Valle d'Itria, where quaint rural dwellings nestle in a fairy-tale landscape, Vineka carries the age-old flavours of Puglia around the world through its wines, which are emblematic of the region's beauty and traditions.

Our approach to winemaking:
from selecting the grapes to vinification

I t all begins with choosing Apulian grape varieties of superior quality in terms of their geographical location and ripening process: Vineka selects grapes from vineyards that are managed with respect for the soil and for tradition, while making use of the best innovative technologies.
T he vinification process is fundamental to achieving a good wine, and drawing out its true value and terroir. That’s why we follow our selected bunches every step of the way as they are made into wine, from harvesting to bottling, allowing the grape to reach our palate in all of its unique glory.

Our Brands

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