Our story

V Vineka produces and sells Apulian wines, selecting the finest grapes to create a product that embodies all the goodness of this region, preserving its unique scents and history. Vineka wines are ideal to drink with traditional Italian dishes, as well as international or fusion cuisine.

The Vineka project began in 2016 as a special way of paying homage to Puglia; the company's mission is to let the world discover the best of pugliese wine, while at the same time enhancing the local area by reawakening its untapped potential.

The production

O nce the grapes have been selected, they are vinified through a lengthy process that includes harvesting, pressing, maturation in vats… and then comes the waiting stage. Vineka wines are made from selected Apulian varietals and are designed to be paired with traditional dishes, fusion and international cuisines.

The art of winemaking

T he ancient art of making wine certainly begins with love for its territory, a passion that pushes to identify and preserve the native vines and to respect their natural life cycle.

The care of the earth

T he importance of taking care of the grape, before wine, is the secret behind its value. Knowing the soils and plants, the history that transformed them and made them what they are today, are a necessary criterion in the selection of Vineka grapes.


T he craft of winemaking means striving constantly to achieve the best-tasting blend. Painstaking care and attention go into ensuring that nothing compromises the wine’s flavour and quality during the production stage. It's hard work, but immensely rewarding.

From grape to glass

T he greatest satisfaction for any winemaker is when you taste the fruits of your labour, having nurtured the wine’s development every step of the way: from grape to glass at last!

The unique qualities of Puglia shine through in its aromas, its flavours, and its history; a history with deep roots, told through the character of the region’s wines, its enchanting landscapes and much-cherished traditions. In Puglia, passion lies at the heart of everything.