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Vineka is committed to working in harmony with the environment, taking a holistic approach to create utterly authentic wines that embody the Puglian character. Our range comprises three main collections: ITALY, VINEKA and ZITO.
Here’s a description of each collection, to help you choose and understand the work we’re so proud of: ITALY is dedicated to wine drinkers who are curious to discover new styles and flavours; VINEKA presents wines made from indigenous grape varieties from Salento and Valle d’Itria, with a special focus on tradition; lastly, ZITO is the winery’s premium label, produced in small batches with an artisanal approach to winemaking.

Puglia Wines
  • 14% volIl ROSONE
    Red Wine IGP Valle D’Itria

  • 13% volIl ROSONE
    Orange IGP Valle D’Itria

  • 12,5% volIl ROSONE
    Susumaniello Rosato IGP Valle D’Itria

  • 14% volTORRE ANTICA
    Primitivo del Salento

  • 14% vol.SOMARÒ
    Susumaniello IGP Valle D’Itria

  • 15% volZITO
    Primitivo di Manduria DOC

  • 12,5% volIl ROSONE
    Primitivo Rosato IGP Salento

  • 12% vol.Il ROSONE
    Minutolo Verdeca IGP Valle D’itria

  • 12% vol.ITALY BIANCO
    IGP Puglia White Wine

  • 12,5% vol.ITALY ROSATO
    Negroamaro e Malvasia IGP Puglia

  • 13% vol.ITALY ROSSO
    Negroamaro e Malvasia IGP Puglia

  • 12% volVINEKA
    Verdeca IGP Valle D’Itra

  • 13% vol.VINEKA
    Negroamaro IGP Puglia

  • 14% volVINEKA
    Primitivo IGP Puglia

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